Internal Quality Control

At BROKAW ESPAÑA, S.L. quality is our goal and best introduction; therefore in recent years we have made great efforts to implement a very demanding integrated quality control system.

High quality substrates

We only use substrates from reputable manufacturers, supported by systematic control of fertility, salinity, and pathogen detection.

Seed Selection

We use the best seeds for our rootstocks imported from California, Dominican Republic, Florida, Mexico, etc. selected at origin and upon arrival in Spain.

Disinfection of seeds

Thermal Shock, fungicide treatment, sodium hypochlorite etc.

Fertigation systems 

We use a computerized fertigation system to provide the correct amounts of water and nutrients to each species, at the right time.

Pest and Disease Control 

Pest and Disease Control

Thorough control of the plant health of all our species, using Environment friendly techniques such as: phytosanitary products respectful with beneficial wildlife, pot-supports to isolate the containers from the ground, weed-proof gauze, periodic analysis by recognized and prestigious laboratories.

Continuing care 

Continuing care 
Training techniques: pruning, staked and central leader trees, manual removal of weeds, sizing, etc.

Latest Technologies 

Hi-Tech Greenhouses
Greenhouses heated with computerized climate control, bottom heat benches, cooling systems, automated side-vents and overhead, avocado clonal propagation, high-density orchards under trial.

Collection of plant material 

Thanks to the great experience of our staff we collect graftwood at the appropriate time and only from healthy and well-nourished trees.


At the head of production we have the endorsement of a Plant Biologist, an Agricultural Engineer and our experienced and continuously trained employees.

Nursery Tree Selection

Elimination in every stage of the production process of malformed, defective and off-type products.

As a reward for this effort we have gained the trust of our customers and international prestige.

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