Mango Varieties

mango kensington


Keitt mango fruit is ovoid-oblong; skin color is pink with less than 30% red. Their average weight is 500 to 600 grams. It has virtually no fibers on flesh being very suitable to eat with spoon. The small seed size. The eating quality of this fruit is excellent and has a long shelf life. The growth habit Keitt mango tree is characterized by long, arching branches with poor growth in the subtropics.

mango kensington mango kensington


The Kensington mango fruit has elongated ovoid shape; the skin is greenish-yellow with a red zone. Its weight varies between 450 and 500 gr. The presence of fiber in the pulp is moderate and has a poor eating quality by spoon.  Medium seed size. It has has a good shelf life.  Kensington has a rounded canopy and is well suited to the subtropics.

mango kent


Kent mango has an ovoid-wide fruit. The yellow skin with red spot. The average weight of these fruits on a full loaded tree is 470 to 550 grams. The flesh has little fiber and it is very good to eat with the spoon. Small seed size. It has an excellent eating quality and long shelf life. It has an upright growth and moderate vigorous tree.

mango osteen mango osteen


Osteen mango fruit is oblong and purple color. Its average fruit weight, at full loaded tree, is about 525 gr. It has low fiber on flesh suitable to eat with spoon. It has small seed and good flesh eating quality. The mango tree Osteen has an upright growth habit and medium size.

mango tommy atkins

Tommy Atkins

Tommy Atkins produces oblong-shaped oval fruits; the skin is orange to red. Its average weight is 500 to 550 grams. The presence of fiber in the pulp is medium-high with poor quality to eat with spoon. It has small seed and mediocre flesh eating quality. Tommy Atkins is a vigorous and large tree with round canopy.

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P.D. P.A.B. Harvest Skin color Tn/ha Weight
Kensington 4x3 NO Early Yellow-green with red spot 18 450-500
Tommy Atkins 4x3 yes Early Deep red 15 500-550
Osteen 4x3 NO Mid-season Red purple 18 500-550
Ataulfo 3,5x2,5 NO Mid-season Yellow - 250-300
Kent 3,5x2,5 Yes Mid-season Red-yellow 13 500-550
Keitt 3,5x2,5 Yes Delayed Pink 18 500-600

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