Aguacate Hass Avocado from seed in 6.5 liters container.
Avocado tree in 6.5 Liters container
At BROKAW ESPAÑA, S.L. we have the latest rootstocks and commercial cultivars released worldwide, available to deliver our customers the best and most appropriate material.

The trees we produce at Brokaw Nursery are sold in two types of rigid containers, 6.5 and 24 liters. Plants can also be provided in other types of containers.

Rootstock and graftwood

When you plant a seed of a fruit species, it is most likely that this new seedling does not faithfully reproduce the characteristics of the parent tree, and that seed was formed using genes from both the mother and father tree, which provides pollen. The new tree has only young and unproductive tissue in its first years of life.

This feature varies from species to species and may take many years to produce fruit, and then, once it produces fruit, it will not be the same as the fruit from the mother tree due to interbreeding of genes.

All this is avoided by grafting the new plant with adult tissue. This graftwood will sprout, blossom and bear fruit quickly, giving us fruit with the same characteristics of the mother tree’s.

As a result we obtain trees consisting of two parts: one is the rootstocks (the base of the trunk and roots), which will provide certain desirable characteristics such as vigor, tolerance to salt, limestone, soil fungi etc. the other is the graft scion, which is the commercial variety of the fruit.

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